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Meet Phil Careless – Park Biologist


Born and raised in Toronto, Phil has had an obsessive interest in nature all his life.  Delighted to discover you can get a degree studying stuff you love, he completed his an undergrad and M.Sc. in Ecology and Entomology at the University of Guelph. 


Phil began his dream job of working as a Ranger at age 16 and now after 26 years he has the good fortune to serve as a biologist for your Parks. 


While Phil marvels at regular encounters with Moose, Bear, Otter and Cranes, he is most fascinated with the ‘small but mighty’ – Prairie Smoke, Parasitic Horsehair Worms, Leatherwood, and Slave-maker Ants. 


In his efforts to grow all sorts of native plants, his pockets (and crisper drawers) are often overflowing with seeds. 


When not looking under rocks, phil can be found neck deep wading through park bogs.


Balsam Lake Provincial Park

2238 County Road 48, Kirkfield, ON

Link to directions.

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