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The first meeting of "The Organization of Horticultural Society was held on January 10th, 1919 with an annual fee of $1.00.  Over time we have evolved, but one thing that has remained the same is the dedication to preserving the integrity of the society.  


Hosting annual plant sales, garden tours, fun educational meetings, and interaction with the Fenelon Falls community are only some of the work the society is involved in. 


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The History Of  Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society

To celebrate the 100 year Anniversary of the society, long time member Janet Scott researched the rich history and wrote a timeline decade by decade.  The following are just some key points but we urge you to read the full story which is available upon request.


  • The first meeting was organized with 81 members at a time when soldiers were returning home from war and perhaps the timing was a reminder that things could be beautiful once again.


  • The committees had been established and seeds and plants were taking their places near boulevards, railways, parks and vacant lots.  

  • The Prince of Wales visited to commemorate the jubilee of Confederation and gifted peonies to each village, town and city including Fenelon Falls.

  • Prizes for flower gardens were rewarded for different criteria and the society made improvements to the library on Francis Street.  


  • The society was given a grant for $20 to sponsor a contest for boys under age 16 to build birdhouses.

  • A flower show was hosted the summer of 1933 and and essay contest for girls on the topic "Flowers and Their Value Towards the Beautification the Town."

  • Four hundred seedlings in 1934, and five hundred more in 1935 (pines, butternuts and Norway spruces) were distributed to members and non-members. 

  • Canvassing for new members was done with incentives of free bulbs for signing up.  


  • The society meeting archives began and are available to this day to be enjoyed.

  • Seeds were send to England to help with war  efforts, hand lettered benches were placed in town by the society and stone gate pillars, signs seats, and urns were installed at the cemetery with a generous grant from council.

  • Fenelon Falls was recognized as one of the nicest villages and the society would keep improving so people would come back to visit. 


  • Contests for bird houses, window boxes and lawns were continued. 

  • Picnic lunch with a parade were a delight and tourist point of interest.


  • The society began hosting flower shows. Each month focusing on a flower of choices, roses, geraniums, house plants, to name a few. The first one was held in 1963.

  • The Maryboro Lodge was purchased to run as a museum which opened in 1963, and the society contributed to that. 

  • First weekend of May was chosen to be clean up week.

  • The society began a herb garden at the Museum in 1969 which marked the 50 year anniversary.


  • The annual flower show continued and grew.  The flower show moved to spring and a plant sale was held in October.

  • Members were given the responsibility to care for a bed, planter, or container for the season, watering and upkeep. 


  • At each meeting a member brought a plant to talk about and it was then won by another member. 

  • Brownies and Girl Guides were able to help plant.

  • Over 1600 plants were planted in the ground by volunteers.

  • A new greenhouse was opened at the local high school.


  • The Society began a new relationship with the City of Kawartha Lakes after the Country of Victoria ceased to exist in 2001.

  • Students were given credit hours to rake leaves at the Museum. 

  • The museum vegetable began with a harvest of 5 pounds in 2001. This year 2022, it was approximately 1000 pounds.

  • Public Garden tours began, certificates were given to beautiful gardens, new gardens Queens Jubilee, Garnet Graham Park and Rain Garden evolved.


As you can tell there is so much history ​and this is really only a very short synopsis.  The board members work very hard throughout the year bringing in entertaining guest speakers, events and planning and prepping the gardens and programs for youth/senior involvement.  

With the help of our members, volunteers and local business support we are able to continue the legacy that began over 100 years ago.  Please spread the word of the work we do in the community and join us.  We welcome everyone and are always in need of volunteers.  To find out how you can help and become a member click the button below.  To make a donation please go to the donate page located in the header above.  

Meet Our 2024 Board Members 


President                                             Darlene Young

Past President                              Gail Henderson

Treasurer                                              Anne Fattori


Secretary                                              Donna Ingram 

Membership                                         Anna Croxall

Youth Program                                      Carol Milroy

Programming                                        Kathy Allam

Newsletter & Cards                         

Garden Communication                       Laurie Jones

Social Media                                         Sabrina Cooper 

Community Foundation of                       Kathy Allam 

Kawartha Lakes-FHHS fund

committee chair

How you can support us 

The Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes makes it possible for our organization to thrive and receive donations with much gratitude.  


We are always looking for volunteers to help us in various ways.   We have committees that are always in need to help execute the various projects we have on the go.  Join us a  member and let us know how you would like to lend a hand.  

Our Local Supporters

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