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The Astonishing Insects that Inhabit your Garden  

Join us for an enlightening presentation with Sylvia Keesmaat, hosted by the Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society, where we delve into the  fascinating world of insects that reside within the depths of your own gardens. In this presentation, Sylvia will unveil the astonishing and often overlooked creatures that contribute to the intricate web of life right outside your doorstep.

From the delicate beauty of butterflies to the industriousness of ants, Sylvia will explore the remarkable adaptations and behaviors that make insects such an integral part of our ecosystem. Get ready to witness the astounding diversity and resilience of these tiny yet extraordinary beings, as she unravels the secrets and uncover the hidden wonders of the insect world.


Join us as we embark on this journey of discovery, shedding light on the astonishing insects that bring life and harmony to your very own garden.

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About Sylvia Keesmaat

Sylvia Keesmaat is a permaculture farmer and professor, who farms and gardens toincrease biodiversity on her land. She also photographs insects for fun and to document their presence in our area.


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