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Our Gardens 

For over 100 year the Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society has planned, planted and maintained wonderful gardens to beautify the local area.  The commitment and dedication along with the incredible community spirit shows through in the gardens.


In addition to the making the the area beautiful, many of the gardens tell a story.  From the abundance of vegetables grown in the Victory Garden to help fight hunger, or the ecological benefits found in the Rain Garden, or the education provided to youth from the Community  Garden, they offer ways to improve the environment and the well being of the people of our community. 

Map of Our Gardens

Enjoy touring our gardens with this user friendly map.  Listed below are pictures of the gardens for easy identification.

1. Anchor Garden
2. Cenotaph Park; Maple Leaf Garden, Circle Gardens, 
    Queen’s Jubilee (large half-circle), Reflection Garden
3. Downtown Garden
4. Terrace Gardens; Upper Tier, Rock Garden, Lower Tier
5. Fallsview Gardens; Lock Garden (by road), Slope Garden 
    (south of the Bell), Gorge Garden (east & west), Butterfly Benches
6. Lindsay Street Garden
7. Chamber Garden
8. Sailboat Garden
9. Maryboro Lodge, The Fenelon Museum; Victory Vegetable Garden, 
    Triangle Garden, Pump Garden, Rain Garden, Front Porch Garden, Arrowhead                   Garden , Butterfly Benches


1. Anchor Garden

2. Cenotaph Garden

Maple Leaf Garden

Circle Gardens

Queens Jubilee

Reflection Garden

4. Terrace Gardens 

Rock Garden 

Lower Tier

Upper Tier

5. Fallsview Gardens 

Lock Garden (by road)

Gorge Garden (east)

Slope Garden 

Gorge Garden (west)

Butterfly Benches 

6. Lindsay Street Garden 

7. Chamber Garden

8. Sailboat Garden 

9. Maryboro Lodge &
The Fenelon Museum


Victory Garden 

Pump Garden

Triangle Garden

Rain Garden 

Front Porch Garden 

Arrowhead Garden

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