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Showcasing the Historic Gardens - Photo & Painting Project

The Fenelon Falls Horticultural Society (FFHS) cares for public gardens at nine locations throughout Fenelon Falls. The pollinator gardens help preserve our environment, the vegetable garden supports the local food bank and the many flower gardens contribute to the overall beautification throughout town. Enjoy the pictures and paintings in this one of a kind book!

The Gardens of Fenelon Falls


The Garden Book is finally here! Filled with over 40 pages of beautiful photos of our gardens, paintings of the gardens by local artists and includes gardening tips, informative charts and a new map of the gardens! The book costs $30 each.


There are also 4 sets of greeting cards with 5 unique images or artwork from the book.

Picture Pack 1 - 5 photographs by Dan Burnie

Picture Pack 2 - 5 photographs by Maddy Warlow

Painting Pack 1 - 5 paintings by various artists

Painting Pack 2 - 5 paintings by various artists

Greeting cards are $20 per package.


Complete your order for the book or cards online. 

Payment will be accepted by eTransfer to or cash at pick up once your order is confirmed. Books and cards that have been paid for in full can be picked up at the Colborne Street Gallery in Fenelon Falls.

NOTE: the book and cards are not for sale at the gallery.

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