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February Fun

Feb 24, 2021

Here we are, in the Winter Blah’s (along with all the other Blahs!). Thank goodness we have Valentine’s Day to celebrate! With that in mind, the Chamber of Commerce came up with a great ‘Heart Month’ initiative. Heart month is a month-long random acts of kindness event in which each business owner will draw another business owner's name, and during the month of February will commit three random acts of kindness for them. Names of donors must be kept secret until March 1st . We chose to participate, and four Board members have been having fun dropping off items to our designated recipients. Since it’s a secret, we can’t tell you yet who we gifted,but will give you all the details in our next newsletter.                                                       *******************************************

In closing, we want to share a link to the Old Farmer's Almanac 'Gardening for Everyone' educational series.You can highlight the web address  below, to follow the link.In 2020, we at The Old Farmer’s Almanac saw a huge surge in inquiries from first-time gardeners seeking articles and advice to help them get started. As we begin the 2021 gardening season, we hope that the new gardeners of 2020 will be keeping at it! Your first attempt probably left you with more questions than answers. Maybe you made a few mistakes. This is all completely normal and the natural progression of learning the art of growing. Please don’t get discouraged! To help, we’re launching a new educational series: “Gardening for Everyone”This step-by-step guide on our Web site,, can help anyone (really, anyone!) to plan, plant, grow, care for, and harvest a bountiful garden. The advice here is geared toward the new-ish gardener, but there’s plenty for folks with a few years of experience under their belts. It’s basically a master class in gardening from the experts at The Old Farmer’s Almanac!​ "Gardening for Everyone” 


Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: The basics of planting and growing a vegetable garden, including choosing a location and determining the best plot size.

10 Easiest Vegetables to Grow at Home: If your criteria for growing vegetables are “easy, cheap, and plentiful,” look here!

Gardening Tools 101: Some tools are essential; others are just nice to have. We’ll show you how to choose the right tool for any job! • Gardening for Any Space: Not a lot of space is no problem! There are myriad growing options to accommodate your needs.

Preparing Soil for Planting: Not all soil is created equal, but with a little prep, you can create a good foundation that can make all the difference!Starting Seeds Indoors: The secret for gardeners who want to grow anything and not rely on locally available transplants!

Garden Pests and Diseases: Nothing does in a young garden (gardener!) faster than the appearance of pests and/or diseases. Find out how to deal with them.

Plant Growing Guides: What do you want to grow? You’ll find it here.You’ll find all of this in “Gardening for Everyone” plus garden layouts, seed catalogs, planting calendars, watering charts, harvesting guides, and much more! And as if all of this great information weren’t enough, it’s all absolutely free! ​                                                             

We will be back with more news in March!                                                              In the meantime, now is the time to start

planning your Spring and Summer Garden!                                                                                              Enjoy!                                                                                    


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